Lemon Risotto with Clams (Risotto al Limon con Vongole)

I got the idea to combine a lemon risotto with clams from our dinner at Taverna Estia, where the dish was more elaborate and also included raw shrimp and pistachios. I had never prepared a lemon risotto before, which I … Continue reading Lemon Risotto with Clams (Risotto al Limon con Vongole)

Risotto al Radicchio, Scamorza e Bonarda (Risotto With Chicory, Smoked Cheese, and Red Wine)

The first lunch of the wine trip to Lombardia last October featured a risotto with radicchio, scamorza, and Bonarda (red wine). I really liked it and recreated it at home. An important ingredient is the brodo di carne, a mixed … Continue reading Risotto al Radicchio, Scamorza e Bonarda (Risotto With Chicory, Smoked Cheese, and Red Wine)

Laab ??????? (Thai Ground Pork Salad)

When we think of salad, we think of lettuce and vegetables. But in Thai cooking, a salad can apparently also consist mostly of… ground pork! This dish is called “Laab” and it is very tasty. The ground pork is cooked, but served at room temperature with a dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, chili flakes, toasted rice powder, shallots, and a lot of fresh herbs: mint, cilantro, and green onions. The toasted rice powder adds both texture and a nutty flavor. Steamed sticky rice is served on the side. I’ve made it following Hot Thai Kitchen’s recipe. Ingredients Serves 2 … Continue reading Laab ??????? (Thai Ground Pork Salad)

Paella made with Stock from Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers

Another post from my cooking on a boat adventure. Paella is a great dish to cook for a large group, and I had borrowed a wonderful paella pan with dedicated burner. But what about stock? The stock is an important aspect of paella, which should be made from scratch rather than using bouillon cubes. Chicken stock and fish stock are obvious choices for paella, but where to get sufficient chicken or fish bones when on a boat trip?

The answer I came up with is that on the evening prior to cooking the paella, we prepared rotisserie chicken. After eating them, all the bones were collected in a big pot and those were used to make a stock. We also made shrimp stock from the heads and shells of the jumbo shrimp used for the paella, and used the cooking liquid from the mussels. A good cook never throws away something that still has flavor in it that can be used! Continue reading “Paella made with Stock from Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers”

Suckling Pig over an Open Fire

This post is coming from you from the middle of the IJsselmeer, the largest lake in the Netherlands. With a group of 25-30 people we are camping on a small fleet of boats (two large ones, plus several smaller ones). Everyone has a task on board, and it won’t come as a surprise that I am the chef ?

This means freshly baked multigrain bread every day, on the first night freshly made shawarma, and on the second night we roasted a whole suckling pig over an open fire. Continue reading “Suckling Pig over an Open Fire”